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Leave Your Repairs To CSO!

Leave Your Repairs To CSO!


Blue Screen Blues

Blue Screens are one of the most frustrating and annoying computer errors to deal with, unless you're a experienced repair technician.  Here at CSO we know this, and we will work our hardest to repair your system quickly.


Hard Drive Recovery

Cleaning out your Hard Drive on your computer is a great way to make some space on your system.  However, sometimes you delete something you don't mean to.  Bring it to us, and we'll assist you in  retrieving your lost files.




Computer Surplus Outlet experienced technicians can repair any computer system or peripheral.  We carry parts for most major brand names.  If you have computer problems, we can help.


Virus Removal

Computer Surplus Outlet offers complete virus removal including Fake Anti-virus, Mal-ware, and Trojans. We can also remove and detect key-loggers and other malicious software.  If your system is acting oddly, bring it in and we'll clean or reload it for you.


Computer Networks

Having trouble connecting to your home network? CSO can help! we have Network Interface Cards in stock, and we can install them for you! Bring in your system today and we'll replace your NIC.


Replacement Parts

Do you need to replace your entire system? Probably Not!  Often times you only need to replace a part inside the actual system.  We offer a multitude of brands for every part your system needs, to match all of your needs.


Warranty Repairs

Many of the parts and systems we sell are covered under warranty, and we repair any problem, within the warranty timeframe. If you purchase an item under warranty, bring it in with any problems and we will repair it.



In This Area

Within this area you will find:

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Fast Service

Computer Surplus Outlet is dedicated to providing the fastest service in the Greater Cleveland area, as we have been since 1996. We are trusted and reliable.  Don't believe us?  Come give us a try and we'll show you just how quickly you can have your system up and running again!


Quality Service

Computer Surplus Outlet offers consistent, fast, and  most importantly, quality service.  We pride ourselves on our repairs, consultations.


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