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Save On Pre-Owned Equipment


Experienced Technicians

Our technicians have been working in the Computer Industry for more than 60 years.  We have the knowledge and Know How to select the correct parts for your computer system, or which items will offer the most performance for their price.  Please Contact Us to speak with one of our techs.


Buy Off-Lease & Save

We offer many different components, peripherals and computer systems that we received Off-Lease for a lower price than our new equipment.  All of these systems are refurbished, tested and come with a 90 day warranty.


Volume Sales

If you need a large amount of product, CSO offers bulk sale prices on select computer parts.  Please Contact Us for more information on which parts are available, and what we have in stock.



Pre-Owned Equipment

Computer Surplus Outlet is the place to save on pre-owned equipment.  We insure that each item is in perfect working condition and all our Pre-Owned Equipment is covered by a 90 Day Warrantee.


Complete Computer Systems

Starting at just $199.99 our Complete Computer Systems offer an easy and reliable choice for all of your personal or business needs!  These systems come with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and computer tower, with software.  Feel free to visit us or contact us for more information on these exciting deals!


Laptops and Accessories

Off-lease laptops are a great way to save money while still recieving a great system.  CSO currently has an overstock of off-lease laptops and certain accessories on sale.  Please visit our Specials page for more information about these amazing deals.



New Equipment

Computer Surplus Outlet is the place to save on popular brand name new equipment.  All of our new equipment is covered with a 1 year warrantee.  We have solutions to all of your equipment needs.


Laptops and Accessories

Laptops are a great way to stay mobile while maintaining internet connection and speed.  Our new Laptops are covered by a one year warrantee.  These are name-brand, high-end laptops, and are great for school, work or relaxing at home.


Peripheral Equipment

Certain Accessories and Peripherals can help increase the speed and enjoyment you get from your system.  We carry hard drives, RAM, video cards and networking upgrades.  Please visit our store to view our large selection of peripherals.


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Pre-Owned Warranty

We offer a 90 day warranty on our used computer systems. If you have any problems with any system you purchase from us, please return to the store with the system and your receipt within 90 days of purchase and we will replace or repair it


Quality Assured

All of our Pre-Owned equipment is quality assured and inspected before we sell it to insure top quality for the lowest price.  We can guarantee that any of the equipment you purchase from us will be working as well and even better than when it was brand new.



New Warranty

We offer a one year warranty on all of our new equipment.  If you have any problems with any equipment you purchase from us, please return to the store with the equipment and your receipt within 1 year of purchase and we will replace or repair it.


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